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About Us

Manssur's Cleaning Services

Serving Genesee County Since1945

Manssur's Cleaning is a full service commercial janitorial company founded in Flint, Michigan by Norman Manssur in 1945.  In 1970 the tradition was carried on by his son, Danny Manssur, who earned his first accounts through persistence and sincerity.  We’ve retained accounts, blossomed, and flourished throughout the past sixty years through hard work, expertise, honesty, and integrity.  


Many of our first and larger accounts were those involving sterile environments such as doctor offices and operating rooms, where attention to detail was not simply desired but imperative.  This extra attention to detail frame of mind is so deeply embedded in our culture that it is carried over into each and every one of our accounts as a given.


Manssur's Cleaning Service has always been, and will always be, family run and owned.  Danny's children, Justin Manssur and Holly Manssur are now directly involved with the business.  They share Danny's business philosophies and outstanding old-school work ethic.  Manssur's Cleaning Service standards are very high.  We consistently exceed expectations.  After all, our family name is at stake!



Manssur's Cleaning Service boasts an extremely small staff turn-over rate.  We are proud of the fact that most of our team has been with us for a decade or more.  The reasons for this are simple.  All of our team members are first rigorously screened and intensely interviewed in the beginning, so that we are sure that all of our staff will uphold our extremely high standards and impeccable reputation, as well as share our pride and work ethic, and therefore help to grow the integrity of our company.  Once hired, the new team member then undergoes a detailed and supervised training program, spearheaded by Danny.  We retain our staff due to the fact that they are treated as part of the team, as well as the family.  Our staff views their positions as a career, and not just a job.  They are paid and treated far beyond industry standard.  We assign staff members to an account, and they take ownership and pride in their responsibilities.  Using this method prevents many different people from constantly being re-trained and parading through our accounts. 


To ensure that all work is performed to Manssur's Cleaning Service exemplary standards, our team members are overseen by a member of the Manssur family.



For your peace of mind, Manssur's Cleaning Service is bonded, and carries General Liability Insurance.



It is our belief that the customer should not have to think about cleaning, and if they do, there is something wrong.  They have their own jobs to perform, they need no distraction.   We understand that nobody's perfect and realize the potential for something to be missed.  If such an instance ever occurred, rest assured, we would not need to be corrected twice!  We are extremely accommodating, flexible, and pleasant with whom to work.  We guarantee your complete satisfaction.



Although we have no patent on our methods and techniques, we could!  What we assume to be common sense and standard practice, we've learned, is not.


One unique quality-control technique we practice is to develop a custom routine for each of our clients.  We break down large areas into smaller sections.  Each section is then assigned a designated day on which it receives special attention, an overall nit picking, and detail cleaning.  Of course, we clean all of the other areas thoroughly as well.  With this rotation, everything remains nicely detailed, with nothing missed!


Our floor waxing, buffing and stripping techniques have been honed and perfected throughout the years (ancient Manssur secrets!), and it shows!

Value Added Service


As a value-added service, Manssur's Cleaning Service is pleased to monitor your trash liner, paper and soap supply levels and re-order as needed.  We will forward invoices directly to you with no mark up! 



Manssur's Cleaning Service personally guarantees your complete satisfaction.  Should you not be pleased with any aspect of our work at any time, we will gladly return and re-do any work until YOU are satisfied.  We strive to keep our clients not only pleased, but nothing short of tickled pink.

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